Jaci Velásquez – “You’re My God”


Yo estaba sentada en el estudio con dos de mis escritores, Bridget Benenate y Matthew Gerrard, y Bridget propuso la idea para esta canción. Ella dijo, “Jaci, dime todas las cosas buenas que le dices a Dios cuando estás hablando con Él.” Así que escribimos una canción sobre todas las cosas asombrosas acerca de Dios; desde la creación a los milagros cotidianos – Jaci Velásquez

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A new day was beginning
And all the birds were singing
The sun was shining up in the sky
Sometimes the world around me
Is so awesome it astounds me
It leaves me feeling mystified

Oh, I just can’t believe
All the beauty I see
It takes my breath away
Sometimes I’ve gotta say

You’re my God
What You created
So many miracles in every day
You’re my God
It’s so amazing
it’s so incredible I’ve gotta say
You’re my God

I can’t even imagine
How He had made it happen
To see the silver moon from afar
It’s almost unbelievable
It’s truly inconceivable
To think of all the billions of stars

When I’m watching the rose
How it naturally grows
Just takes my breath away
There’s just one thing to say


Oh all the gifts You’ve given me
Oh what You do’s a mystery, just to be,
Ya got me fallin’ to my knees
Oh, I just can’t believe


You’re my God
You’re so amazing
So amazing
I just gotta say You’re my God
So amazing

Escrito por Josafat

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